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Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter and Producer, Philip John, first began performing jazz guitar around Brisbane at the age of 16; since then has continued to develop his sound and style through extensive live performance experience and guidance from local and international musicians. Having recently spent a year travelling, composing and performing around Europe, Philip has returned to Brisbane, excited to begin performing new original material which melds the worlds of jazz, soul, hip-hop, electronic and groove. Using live-looping technology Philip is able to play live instrumentation on top of his self-produced accompaniment, producing the sound of a full band but retaining the intimacy of a solo performer.

The Philip John trio/quartet featuring Joshua Batka (drums), Blake Lonie (Bass), Nic Reynolds (Keyboard) and Philip (guitar, synths, vocals) plays a repertoire firmly rooted in jazz but incorporating elements of hip-hop, acid-jazz, funk, neo-soul and electronic music. Through the use of synthesizers the group fuses the lush harmonies of jazz with a variety of modern textures and sounds.


Original Music


I asked Philip to play at a wedding as a trio (guitar, double bass, and drums) and was very satisfied with the performance! Philip was flexible to our conditions playing both indoors and outdoors and provided additional equipment at late request. All around very professional.

– Sam Mosely